Just your average, small-town dudes with an overactive imagination and a passion for all things sustainable. In 2022, we set out to create the coolest, most environmentally-friendly plant pot on Earth, in hopes that it would inspire the youth of tomorrow to care for our precious planet. A few months later, Happy Pot was born, and since then, we’ve planted hundreds of trees around the world, one for each Happy pot sold. 

Besides being clean and green, Happy Pots are aesthetically unique and impressively durable. If kept out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, our pots can make your plants happy for decades, which means a lot less single-use plastics end up in landfills or in the sea.


Tress planted so far:


At Happy Pot, our number one priority is keeping the Earth clean and green. The materials we use for production are made of biodegradable elements and recycled plastics, and each of our 3D-printers generates the same electrical output as a single lightbulb. All of our products’ packaging is recycled and recyclable, while the packaging for our small Happy Pots is completely zero-waste (the package is a pot too!). We use ink stamps instead of stickers, and we deliver our orders in weekly batches in order to minimise our carbon emissions.

Most importantly, we support reforestation projects around the world by planting one tree for every Happy Pot sold. In Malta, we frequently organise clean-ups and support local tree-planting NGO’s, who help us out with seeds and plants!

Through our content on our happy socials, we hope to inspire people to show Earth some love. By taking every opportunity towards becoming even more sustainable, we continue to work towards a fully circular and self-sustaining model, while growing our impact both locally and overseas. 

Our Happy Journey

  • December, 2021

    A Happy Idea

    While on a Zoom call, 10,000 miles apart, Happy Pot’s founding fathers thought about a name for our soon-to-be sensational startup. We spoke it aloud for the first time, and the rest was history.

  • May, 2022

    Building the Foundations

    Pots in hand, we pitched Happy Pot at the JAYE Finals with a smile on our faces. The overwhelmingly positive feedback and constructive criticism set the tone for the busy months to follow.

    May, 2022

  • August, 2022

    Full Steam Ahead

    With a clear mission and vision in mind, we set out on what would be the most exciting journey of our lives. As we met key partners and improved our business model, our happy idea’s potential was becoming clearer everyday. Happy Pot was taking shape, and preparations for launch were well underway.

  • October, 2022

    World, meet Happy Pot.

    Countless sleepless nights and brainstorming seshes later, Happy Pot’s socials and website went live on the first day of Freshers’ Week. Over a few days, we passed out nearly a thousand (recyclable) brochures and branded keychains to every student in sight. This helped us practice our pitch and gauge interest from our target demographic.

    October, 2022

  • December, 2022

    A Look Back

    With Happy Pot’s popularity growing steadily across the islands, we closed off the year with 143 trees planted around the world, and a great deal of interest from consumers and businesses alike. We looked back fondly on what we’d managed to achieve in less than 100 days, with our feet firmly on the ground for the pivotal 12 months to come.

Where are we headed?

We set challenging but achievable goals for 2023, with plans to release a new collection every monthcollaborate with 50 local businessesexpand our operations overseas, and plant 5,000 trees around the world. As Happy Pot grows, with it so do our goals and determination to achieve them.

Whether you buy our stuff, help our cause, or simply follow our journey, we’re glad you could join us on our mission to make the world a happier place, one pot at a time.