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One Happy Pot at a time.

Here at Happy Pot we care for lots of things, but Sustainability, Customizability, and Quality are our top priorities.   Over the last few years the world has been showing signs that we are nearing a catastrophic point of no return. Weather has become unpredictable, disasters more prevalent, devastating heat waves and dry seasons, and […]


Welcome to the world of amateur gardening; essentially, all you need is a Happy Pot (with free seeds!), some soil, sunlight, and you’re set! So, why should you include plants in your surroundings? Introducing plants to your living and working environment is a natural way of improving the surrounding air quality, since plants absorb carbon […]

Plant ideas for your Happy Pot

Now that you have your Happy Pot it’s time to take a gander into what kind of different plants you can grow!   Here, we’re going to discuss benefits that come from keeping houseplants and provide a list of associated plants that you can give home to in your Happy Pot! Houseplants offer a wide […]