FOUNDER'S LOG 001: Note to Self(?)

FOUNDER'S LOG 001: Note to Self(?)

It is day 4 of 2024. I am writing this because it felt like the right thing to do at the time, seeing as a new calendar year usually brings with it the fear of impending doom in the face of sub-par new year’s resolutions. I’ll likely not finish this in one sitting, so you’re probably reading this the day after I started it, twelve revisions and half a kettle’s worth of black tea later.

We are in Month 15AH (that’s After-HappyPot) for anyone that isn’t me. As all the years before it have done, 2023 has continued to shape the person I am becoming whilst doing this thing that I chose to be doing.

The thing that I choose to be doing is this very thing, and if you’re reading on your phone or your laptop (but probably your phone), chances are that by now you’ve come across this thing at least once or twice (but probably a few more times that that). 

Of course, this enigmatic, dramatic, never static, often problematic thing, is Happy Pot


Building this brand and the movement behind it has changed my life in a way I never thought possible. It’s pushed me to do things I never imagined doing, and created moments and experiences that would have otherwise been literally unthinkable. The joy I find in achieving increasingly challenging business goals makes Happy Pot a big part of who I am, and what I consider to be somewhat of a reflection of myself. Having welded some aspects of my own personality into Happy Pot’s persona, I feel it is my duty to document its journey just like I document my own, which brings us to right here, right now.


If you’re here, there’s a few different types of people you could be. 

You could be a youngster, probably in school, following along our journey since we did that thing you thought was pretty great. You might have watched our Shark Tank episode and liked the idea, or liked what the idea meant to us. You or your friend might have a Happy Pot on your desks right now, or maybe you’re just not that cool yet. 

You could be a bit older, anywhere between twenty-five and my dad’s age. Someone I’ve met along the way, who has - for one reason or another - felt compelled to stay in the loop on what we’re doing as we do it. You or one of your friends might have received a Happy Pot as a gift at a corporate event, or maybe your company just isn’t that cool yet.

You could be my parents, reading this because I shared it to the family group chat demanding that you like it. You could be that friend I met at that one bar that one time, or you could be me, re-reading this for the 27th time and thinking I’m hilarious for thinking this far ahead. 

Either way, you’ve made it this far, so it must be pretty important.


Welcome to the Founder's Log, a journal-style blog series uncovering the happy (and not so happy) happenings of all things Happy Pot. From our day-to-day operations to our grand plan for world domination; this series offers you a peek behind the scenes of one of Malta’s fastest growing startups as we reach for infinity and beyond. This year, we've got our eyes set on some targets that will take Happy Pot to new heights. Building an awesome team, going legit, moving into international markets and radically revamping our product offering; these are just a few of the ambitious boxes we’ll be working tirelessly to tick in the months to come. 


Starting today, I (Chris - unconventional startup founder with lots to learn and something to prove, creative director driving Happy Pot's artistic vision, enjoyer of warm chicken tenders and cold winter nights) will be updating this space every month, so that you (the avid reader) may draw emotion or inspiration from our story as it develops. 

In a world chalk full of critical actions and distractions, I’d be foolish to think that keeping this blog up to date will be easy, and arrogant to assume that everyone will read it. For this reason, I’m writing it as if I’m the only one who will ever see it, secretly hoping that someone else actually will. I can’t say for certain where Happy Pot is going and how we’ll get there, but I know myself well enough to reasonably assume that it’s going to be fun. 

Watch this space, and as always, have a happy day.


- Chris M.

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