And that’s a wrap!

Our first ever Happy Club event was a blast.

Last weekend, on a breezy Saturday afternoon, we took over Hideout, a serene slice of paradise in Pembroke, for our first ever Happy Club Meet-up. Here’s an inside look into everything that led up to the awesome event and our plans for the future.

💭 The Plan

Seeing as this event was primarily targeted at people who follow Happy Pot, we had to make it interesting for people who are into both the pot, and the happy. With so many other things to do on a Saturday afternoon, how do we get a bunch of people we barely know to come join us, enjoy it, and tell all their friends about their experience?

A large portion of our community cares for plants. Tending to plants is something we’re taught from our parents, our friends, YouTube videos, or not at all. It’s easy to get confused with all the information out there, so we wanted to bring plant-care closer to the people. To appeal to the plant moms and dads within Happy Pot’s reach, we wanted to create an event which was both informative and fun.

🌵 Plant-Guru: How To Plant

Leah, a day-one Happy Pot follower and personal friend of ours, took on the task and delivered perfectly. With some of her leafy friends in company, Leah crafted a discussion-based planting workshop, showcasing some tips and tricks whilst encouraging people to share their own personal stories and thoughts on their planting journey. The engaging session was just over an hour long, and touched on the fundamentals of plant-care, from root-care to repotting. Everyone around Leah’s station listened intently, asked questions and took home some very valuable information that their plants will thank them for.

With no question left unanswered, we cleared up the area and gave guests about an hour to get familiar with the space before our next group activity. Luckily, Hideout offers a bunch of fun amenities, or as we like to call them, side quests. Besides refreshing drinks at the bar and a selection of wood-fired pizza, you’ll find a ping-pong table, darts, foosball, a tree-swing, and a few other hidden gems.

🎨 Paint-A-Pot 

As soon as everyone was refreshed and we had welcomed some newcomers, it was time to start the main event: our first ever Paint-A-Pot session. Each happy guest picked a pot and got to painting. With a plain white pot in hand and ideas in mind, everyone got going on their own art project. We saw faces light up with joy as they put paint to pot. Some hadn’t used paint in over a decade, and others couldn’t remember using it at all. As people started getting the hang of it, doodles and mistakes turned to deliberate details, adding a touch of personality with every stroke.


Every single person who painted a pot (or two) absolutely loved the experience, saying that “it felt great to feel like a kid for a few hours”.

As the sun began to set, the Paint-A-Pot session was almost over. After adding varnish to seal in their masterpiece forever, the only thing left was the classic Happy Badge, in our staple black and yellow combo.

Six hours of joy, creativity, and community later, each guest left not just with a uniquely painted pot as a token, but with a heart full of happiness. The overwhelming feedback was clear: our community loved it! We are thrilled by the response and are already brainstorming ways to make these meet-ups an ongoing tradition. So, stay tuned for more fun, more pots, and more happy moments.

As always, have a happy day.

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