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Chris Mercieca

Here at Happy Pot we care for lots of things, but Sustainability, Customizability, and Quality are our top priorities.


Over the last few years the world has been showing signs that we are nearing a catastrophic point of no return. Weather has become unpredictable, disasters more prevalent, devastating heat waves and dry seasons, and loss of habitats and extinctions of species is rampant. This is the result of global unsustainable practices in our methods of production and our patterns of consumption.


This  lack of sustainability in production has had its toll on the quality and aesthetics of end products, because;


 “Why put all that effort into a product if you can throw it away and get another one for cheap?”

Happy Pot has chosen a different approach. The Happy Pot is fully customisable as you can choose its base colour, badge, and text personalisation – therefore your pot is unique! Unlike cheap (and easy to break) plastic and terracotta pots, it’s made using a 3D printer utilising durable PLA filament made from corn starch and recycled plastics. For that reason the Happy Pot is a carbon-positive product!


We also have an intangible by-product – our activism.

Sustainability is the way forward, and Happy Pot is fully committed to not only be sustainable in our operations, but to promote sustainable causes and publish content on Sustainability (and sustainable practices), Environmental Well-being, and the Green Transition. We believe that the key to ensure individual physical and mental well-being is two-fold;


  1. Being sustainable in every facet of life, be it in our professions, in leisure, and at home.
  2. Revitalising our natural environment, and bringing that same life-giving environment home.
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