Plant ideas for your Happy Pot

Chris Mercieca

Now that you have your Happy Pot it’s time to take a gander into what kind of different plants you can grow!


Here, we’re going to discuss benefits that come from keeping houseplants and provide a list of associated plants that you can give home to in your Happy Pot! Houseplants offer a wide range of benefits that we’ve compiled into two main categories:


  1. Decorative and aesthetic
  2. Physical and Mental Health


Decorative and Aesthetics 


Something we can all agree on is that plants are an incredible aesthetic and sustainable way to improve your home or office interior. Whatever the setting, you can always find a plant that naturally blends in, adding colour and life to its surroundings!


Setting is the keyword here. Only you know how you want your office/room/home to look like, but we’re going to recommend a few simple steps you could take to become the perfect interior decorator for yourself:


  1. Familiarise yourself with your space
  2. Try to imagine a final product (use Pinterest or interior decorating blogs for ideas!), in other words: do your research.
  3. Have a budget – and stick to it!
  4. Check out thrift stores and garage sales for those discarded gems.
  5. Dispose of unwanted furniture and packaging sustainably.
  6. Add some plants and art.
  7. Enjoy your project!


Physical and Mental wellbeing.


Humans thrive with nature. Nowadays, our fast lives deprive us of unprocessed foods and have trapped us in bleak, grey surroundings. Research shows(Gladwell et. al., 2013)  (Wier, 2020) that the natural environment does wonders to both physical and mental health, however, not everyone has the luxury of being in the vicinity of these environments. Just write “cities/city life effect, physical and mental wellbeing” as keywords in the PubMed search bar, and see for yourself.


So, what can a plant in a Happy Pot do about that?


Way back when, people only used plants and herbs as medicine and treatment for their physical and mental struggles, and whilst it is worth applauding the rapid advancement in healthcare and medicine, sometimes going back to our roots – literally – is just what the doctor ordered.


Why not use your Happy Pot to grow some indoor fruits and vegetables? Your own fresh supply! There are many fruit yielding plants you can plant indoors, such as vegetables you’d normally include in your salads and hot dishes, to fruit you can munch on knowing its 100% pesticide free. And if that wasn’t enough, you don’t even have to start from scratch, as most fresh fruit and veggies we buy from our supermarkets can be used to make sprouts for future yields – social media reels are a goldmine for tips on how to do these.


Plants are a natural way of purifying the air around you and removing unwanted aromas like that of incoming car exhaust. This is done during photosynthesis, absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen, however most plants even have a bonus of releasing soothing aromas that are both soothing and wonderful.


Gardening is also very beneficial for mental wellbeing. Professor Jamie Keaton Jones – a renowned psychotherapist and professor in Washington – stated that many started tending to plants as coexisting living organisms during covid-19, thereby allowing them to focus their attention on something positive. There are also certain plants’ aromas such as Lavender, that are calming and help treat persons with anxiety.


So as you can see, there’s a multitude of reasons why you should keep plants around you, and we hope this article outlines plants which may be better situated for your needs. Be sure to check out (link) How to re-pot a plant into your Happy Pot to see how to properly move your plant into your unique and sustainable Happy Pot.


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