What are Happy Pots made of?

All products are 3D-printed using PLA (polylactic acid) filament, a material which is largely made up of biodegradable materials like corn starch and sugar cane. PLA is one of the most sustainable additive manufacturing materials available, and the 3D-printing process helps us keep our carbon emissions super low (sub 1% waste!).

Are Happy Pots for indoor or outdoor use?

The PLA filament used should be able to withstand the elements to a certain degree, but exposure to outdoor conditions will decrease the overall longevity of the product. PLA may become brittle in extreme cold or slowly melt in prolonged direct sunlight at high temperatures.

For this reason, it is suggested that Happy Pot and similar products are used indoors to maximise their lifespan.

What makes Happy Pot sustainable?

PRODUCT MATERIAL – All our products are 3D-printed using recycled PLA filament,

RECYCLABLE PACKAGING – Our packaging is 100% recycled, recyclable and plastic-free!

PLANTING TREES ACROSS THE WORLD – we’ve partnered up with Treeapp to plant trees across the world. Currently, we are contributing to 1200sqm of reforested land annually. Learn more about how you can give back to the Earth with Treeapp.

INITIATIVES – We’re also doing our part to help clean up the Earth. All year round, we will continue to engage in beach clean-ups, fundraisers and nature-friendly collaborations in our home country of Malta (and hopefully around the world!).

What are Happy Pot's customisation options?

Happy Pot's standard collections are mostly customisable in design, shape, size and colour.

Some more unique collections might be available in limited colours or sizes.

You may also choose to make your own Happy Pot, from scratch by getting in touch with your special request.

Can I design my own pot?

Yes, you can!

If you'd like to go for a completely custom design made from scratch, 3D-printing offers an endless array of options.

You may choose to customise the pot's badge alone, or create a completely new pot from the ground up.

Custom badges are at an additional cost of €5.

Custom pots are priced depending on the design work required and material used.

In either case, you may choose between 20+ colours (PLA) and any size up to 30x30cm.

Can I have literally anything on the Badge?

No, not just any image can be uploaded and printed onto a Badge. For our 3D-printers to be able to print, the following criteria must be met:

The image must not have details which are too fine such as tiny lettering or graphics, as these may not be printed clearly on a small scale.

The image must not have any shading or gradients.

All custom design uploads will be double checked prior to production for any design inconsistencies. If your design doesn’t match our criteria, we’ll get in touch with you to make the necessary updates.

Custom design uploads which are inappropriate or offensive will be disregarded, and users will be contacted via email to redesign their Happy Pot.

Is Happy Pot available worldwide?

Yes! Happy Pot products can be shipped pretty much anywhere around the world.

Shipping rates and estimated delivery dates may vary depending on your location and are calculated at checkout.

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of your product and the destination country. Our website will calculate the cost of your order at checkout.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Collection pots: We offer returns within 7 days on items which are damaged or not as requested.
Custom pots: All custom pot order are final and can not be refunded or exchanged.
In order to avoid any complaints, each product is double-checked and confirmed alongside your order to ensure that the right product goes to the right person.

As for defects, the 3D-printing process is a typically consistent one which yields no observable changes from one product to the other. On the off chance that a print fails, the print will be abandoned and started anew to ensure that you get exactly what you asked for, every time.

A product printed out of PLA may have tiny zits scattered across some surfaces. These are barely noticeable to the eye and have absolutely no effect on the product’s integrity. This does not qualify as a defect and will not warrant a return.

How do I return an item?

To return an item, send us an email with your complaint along with photos of the product you received. We’ll revert back to you with a reply, and if it qualifies for a refund, you can mail it back to us from your local post office using registered mail (local charges apply), and we’ll issue your refund or send you a replacement within 14 days of receiving it.